Portland SEO Seminar- Content Marketing

As a leading search engine optimization expert we are constantly having to outline and develop content marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses.


We are staunch on the benefits of content marketing. Creating valuable content for prospects has been tested time and time again.

However there are a few things that small and medium-sized businesses need to keep in mind. When developing content strategy blogging and curating posts on your website is no simple task. It is widely held belief that this kind of Internet marketing strategy is simple and easy.

First we need to address the commonly held belief systems that exist about content marketing. The way it works is this: Entrepreneurs and business owners believe that they develop their business and gain prospects, leads, and clients through simply blogging and posting on their site. A local Portland SEO campaign usually goes like this:

1. Create, outline, and develop killer content. Make awesome posts and spend lots of time to make it visually appealing. Lots of times, business owners will get caught up in the visual aesthetics of a post

2. Use the Internet and social media to build links and spread your post. Then build links and spread the article around the web hoping that it ranks in the top of the SERPs. (This is usually where people seek an SEO company in Portland)

3. People and prospects come across the post, consume the content, and purchase products or your services.

Of course, we also have a wonderful Youtube playlist with great content, available here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx5ZRCMM75nY8jQ8mudNBySmfVgXhSqA7



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Author: neovoraportland

Neovora Portland is an Oregon SEO company specializing in digital marketing channels. Search engine optimization and local SEO is how we help the community

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