WordPress SEO- Why we chose it!

Hello WordPress! we just want to start our new blog with a few words of giving credit to where it’s due. Any top SEO or digital marketer will tell you that WordPress and Yoast are your keys to success. we just want to quickly highlight an article that we think is extremely valuable to those in our industry. Word press beginner ( which is hosted on WordPress) is a great place to learn the reasons why Word press should be the foundation for any website you build.

Here’s a good link that you might want to check out :


Here are just a few of the main reasons that we use word press for our SEO. they are straight from the site so if you’re interested in reading more check out the website in the link above.

When writing the meta information, WordPress SEO plugin shows you a Google search result snippet preview, so you can see exactly how your content will look when someone search for it in Google. It even has the ability to get you verified google authorship for your site.

It helps us create XML sitemaps that support images. It also gives us the ability to have advanced configuration such as removing a specific post, page, post type, or a taxonomy from the sitemap. It notifies search engines automatically once your content is published.

It allows us to add custom RSS footer for our WordPress posts.

It has social integration that lets you show you the correct title, description, and image for Facebook using the OpenGraph meta data. It also allows us to add twitter cards in WordPress.


We hope that through our WordPress site and subsequent blogs, that we are able to provide valuable content to the search engine optimization community and across WordPress!

Check back soon!


Author: neovoraportland

Neovora Portland is an Oregon SEO company specializing in digital marketing channels. Search engine optimization and local SEO is how we help the community

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